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Welcome to Flawless Sound Creations! Introducing our A-La-Carte made to order, cheerleading and dance music system. Gym owners, choreographers, and coaches have complete control over their music production budgets. ALL mixes begin as a 1:30 Essential flow mix and are a base price of $350

Be Prepared

We provide a Step By Step guide. Order Check-List. Printable Team License. Information Forms.

8-count sheets. 

Be Focused

We focus on high quality music, overall customer experience, and budget minded services so YOU can focus on your program.

Be Flawless

Professional Sound Quality. High-Energy Mixes. Royalty Free, Licensed, and Full Original Productions


Welcome to Flawless Sound Creations! Our studio specializes in made to order cheerleading and dance music that focuses on the budget minded customer. Get out of the box (the "package" box). Our A-La-Carte concept allows any customer to have complete control of their music production budgets. All mixes start off as a 1:30 Essential Starter Mix and start at a base price of $350.

Sound like too much work? Need more simplicity in your music ordering process? Do you need a traditional Bundle option? We have that covered as well. The Essential Mix, the Crown Mix, and the Flawless Mix are available to ALL customers!

US Copyright Law Compliant

100% On-Time Mix Delivery Guarantee

USA Cheer Music Provider Directory Member

17 years of Cheer & Dance Music Production Experience

Heart Pumping, High Energy, Electric Mix

15 years of Cheer Vocals & Voiceover Production Experience


All Mixes Start @ $350

Each Mix Includes

  • Up to a 1:30 mix

  • Match Your Routine To Our Mix Flow Chart

  • Never Pre-made Mixes

  • In-House - Male Vocals & Voiceovers (School, Team, Mascot, Gym name, and/or Spell Outs)

No Edits Included


2021 - 2022 Prices


Boost your routine length to a 2:00


Add $50

8-Count Sheet

Take your routine to a customized - 8-count matched PREP Mix

Add $50


Boost your routine length to a 2:30


Add $100

8-Count Sheet

Take your routine to a customized - 8-count matched ALL-STAR Mix

Add $50


2 Male Artistis

1 Female Artist

1 Grade Schooler

Single Word Voiceovers

Starting @ $5

8-Count Vocals

Starting @ $10


3 Male Rappers

1 Female Rapper

1 Female Vocalist

Single Word Voiceovers

Starting @ $15

8-Count Vocals

Starting @ $25


Need Edits? We've got you covered. From Quick Fixers to Revamps

Quick Fixers


Mix Fix




  • Royalty Free Music

  • Licensed Music

  • In-House Vocals (Male, Female, Grade-Schooler)

  • 8-Count Sheet

  • Team Information Sheet

  • No Edit Included


1:30 Mix - $550

2:00 Mix - $650

2:30 Mix - $750

*administration fee included

  • Royalty Free Music

  • Licensed Music

  • Semi-Custom - Beats & Instrumentals

  • In-House Vocals

  • Up to (16) 8-Counts - Studio Artist Vocals

  • 8-Count Sheet - Team Information Sheet

  • 1 Edit - Within 2 weeks - FREE BONUS

1:30 Mix - $850

2:00 Mix - $950

2:30 Mix - $1,250

*administration fee included

  • Full Original Music - Beats, Melodies, Instrumentals, Risers, Raps, and Vocals

  • ALL In-House Vocals

  • ALL Studio Artists At Your Service

  • 8-Count Sheet - Team Information Sheet

  • 1 Edit - Up to 2 weeks after delivery

  • 1 Revamp - Up to 1 month after delivery

1:30 Mix - $1,250
2:00 Mix - $1,500

2:30 Mix - $2,000

*administration fee included


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